Comedies to Keep You Warm This Winter

Colder months are ahead Roadies, and with it a real reluctance to leave the house.
Lucky for you we’ve sorted your entertainment needs for the long, wintery nights. Behold, a comedy slate that will make the epic #fail of winter living all the more bearable.

1. Vice Principals

If you’re finding the drive home considerably darker now daylight savings has ended, warm yourself with the thought of the darkest comedy to hit our screens in years - the electric Vice Principals. Chronicling the descent into madness of two embittered Vice Principals vying for the top position, this black comedy offers a power struggle to warm even the coldest night. 


It’s easy to feel ground down by the grey mornings, but if there’s any woman who can put some spring in your step, it’s Selina Meyers. A fizzy and delightful take on the ins and outs of civil servantry in the US capital, this laugh-a-minute political satire is just what the doctor ordered. 

3. Togetherness

Failing to find socks that match or the correct change for that first cup of the day? So are these guys. Togetherness is back for another season of madness, mayhem, and collective misery. Boasting a stellar cast and a black humour that is at once deprecating, cringe-worthy and empathetic, this motley crew are bound to make your life seem... somewhat together.

4. Silicon Valley

We all know the acute pain of technological failure in our day to day lives, but do we know the people behind the tech? Spoiler alert: they’re failures too. Following the career progression of a posse of socially inept software engineers, Silicon Valley is the delightful satirisation of the world of tech start-ups. Fondly called the tech Entourage, this season is its funniest yet. 

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