Now You See Me… Now You Don’t! Actors Who Transformed For Film

If your boss demanded that you pork up or slim down by over 20kg for your job, you’d tell them to stick it, right?
Not so in Hollywood, where stars like these really do earn their multi-million dollar paychecks…

Matthew McConaughey 
Movie: Dallas Buyer’s Club 
Weight loss: 21kg
Playing a gaunt HIV patient required Matthew McConaughey to do a Biggest Loser on his usually buff frame – and he reportedly did it by eating 140g of fish and a cup of vegetables twice a day. “I [also] burned 1800 calories a day exercising, when I started off,” remembers the star.

Matthew McConaughey
Source: [Voltage Pictures]

Anne Hathaway
Movie: Les Miserables 
Weight loss: 12kg
Anne Hathaway had to lose nearly 12kg in total to play the tragic Fantine in Les Miserables – and the actress says it took its toll. “I couldn’t sleep, I was so starving, my body was keeping me awake at night, like it was telling me, ‘Go look for food!’ I was kind of in this otherworldly, manic state all the time.”

Anne Hathaway
Source: [Universal Pictures]

Mila Kunis
Movie: Black Swan 
Weight loss: 9kg
Whittling her weight down to a teeny 43kg in order to play a ballerina in Black Swan was punishing for Kunis, who admitted she was basically skin and bone. “My mum freaked out. I thought it looked gross but on film, it looked amazing. It took me 5 months to lose [the weight] and just 5 days to gain it all back!”

Mila Kunis
Source: [Fox Searchlight Pictures]

Jared Leto 
Movie: Chapter 27 
Weight gain: 27kg
Leto is no stranger to physical transformations, having shed a whopping 50kg for his Oscar-winning role as a transsexual in Dallas Buyer’s Club.  He was no stranger to the process then, when he packed on 27kg for his role in Chapter 27 : “It changed the way I talked, walked and felt … and how people treated me,” he said. He also suffered from gout and high cholesterol during filming.

Jared Leto
Source: [Peace Arch Entertainment]

Christian Bale 
Movie: The Machinist 
Weight loss: 30kg
No one can forget Bale’s haunted visage in his turn as insomniac Trevor Reznick in 2004. He reportedly lost close to 30kg in 4 months by eating only an apple and a can of tuna a day prior to filming. He kept going with his weight loss even after doctors advised against it. “I had what could be called a kind of stupid feeling of invincibility,” Bale admitted to an interviewer at the time.

Christian Bale
Source: [Filmax Entertainment]

Charlize Theron
Movie: Monster 
Weight gain: 14kg
Playing serial killer Aileen Wuornos required statuesque former model Theron to wear false teeth and stack on nearly 14 kilos. “I had about three months to [do it]. It wasn’t that hard. I just didn’t say no to Krispy Kreme doughnuts or anything that was full of cream. I also gave up exercising.

Charlize Theron
Source: [Media 8 Entertainment]

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