The Unlikely Heroes of TV and Film

Some characters are so brimming with hero potential, you just KNOW they’re going to rescue someone.
Then there are others we’d never consider heroic – like Shrek, or Wall-E – who surprise us by saving the day! Here are a handful of unlikely heroes we’ll always have a soft spot for…

Shaun of the dead
Source: [Universal Pictures]

Shaun, Shaun of the Dead
Horror is full of average punters who are forced to find their calling when faced with hungry zombies, vampires, evil mists etc. But one of the genre’s best unlikely heroes is easy-going retail worker Shaun, who’s determined to get his loved ones safely to the pub when his town is overrun with  zombies. 

Jar Jar Binks
Source: [Lucasfilm]

JarJar Binks, The Phantom Menace
Ever since this clumsy clod-hopper from the planet Naboo was introduced to the Star Wars franchise, he’s been considered one of its most hated characters. But there are many out there who reckon he’s misunderstood – after all, he saved a fair few lives and more than held his own during the final climatic battle. (Even if it was in a bumbling, whoops-a-daisy kind of way.)


Sansa Stark, Game of Thrones
She started off as one of the show’s most annoying and naïve characters, but over six seasons Sansa has been through a hell of a lot – and grown up at the same time. Evidence that you don’t need sword skills to prevail, Sansa watched the body count rise and survived by using her wits and resilience to out-smart and out- manoeuvre her enemies. Go girl!

Source: [Twentieth Century Fox]

Milton, Office Space
Every office has a geeky, awkward dude like Milton, a man who’s territorial about his stationary supplies, finds himself the butt of one too many jokes and always misses out when a birthday cake is doing the rounds. But this cult movie about a group of disgruntled IT office workers really did need someone to burn down the building – and Milton became the unlikely man for the job. 

Source: [Showtime Networks]

Dexter in Dexter 
The ultimate unlikely hero: a do-gooder who exterminates the baddies who fall through the cracks – and whom, he justifies, deserve to die anyway. Sure, it’s a kind of vigilante justice that’s just a teensy bit close to home, considering Dexter works at the Miami police department as a blood spatter expert. But for some reason, this award-winning show somehow managed to make us all do the impossible: root for a serial killer.

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