Samuel L. Jackson Vs. Everything

Have you ever noticed that Samuel L. Jackson has to fight something in just about every movie he’s in?

Whether they’re killer creatures, alien life form, bad-ass dudes, CGI monsters or SFX goliaths, Samuel L. Jackson is forced to stand up to them and hold his own.

Here’s our favourite times Jackson faced off with an enemy of the non-human variety.

Samuel L. Jackson Vs. Kong in KONG: SKULL ISLAND

Samuel L Jackson

Vietnam might have defeated him, but crazed commando Lieutenant Colonel Packard (Samuel L. Jackson) isn’t going to let a big ape stamp on his mission. Reminiscent of the flight of the choppers scene in Apocalypse Now, Jackson makes an airborne entry into the remote, uncharted island home of Kong and that’s when it all hits the fan. With most of his men down, his choppers decimated, his ammo destroyed, Jackson still maintains his bravado and decides to face Kong on his own turf.

Samuel L. Jackson Vs. Snakes in SNAKES ON A PLANE

Samuel L Jackson

Source: [New Line Cinema]

If you find yourself a mile high in the air, in a metal tube filled with giant killer taipans, cobras, pythons, vipers and rattlesnakes, who would you want next to you? Samuel L. Jackson, that’s who. Dude ain’t ‘fraid no snakes.

Samuel L. Jackson Vs. The Beasts of the Jungle in THE LEGEND OF TARZAN

Samuel L Jackson

Jackson’s character, George Washington Williams goes on a mission into the Congo jungle where he is forced to swing on vines, take on the beasts, tackle the Leopard Men of Opar, face a wildebeest stampede and overthrow the merciless, corrupt Belgian Captain Leon Rom (Christoph Waltz). Jackson is at his action-packed, take-no-prisoners best.

Samuel L. Jackson Vs. Sharks in DEEP BLUE SEA

Samuel L Jackson

In Deep Blue Sea Samuel L. Jackson is part of a group of scientists on a mission to find a cure for Alzheimer’s. Even when trying to do something so selfless Jackson has to take on a beast. This time there were three of them and they were sharks...

Samuel L. Jackson Vs. The T-Rex in JURASSIC PARK

Samuel L Jackson

Source: [Universal Pictures]

Not even Samuel L. Jackson could walk away from an encounter with this beast. Playing Jurassic Park’s Chief Engineer, Jackson has to leave the safety of the control room to try and reset the park’s power... and that’s last we ever see of him in one piece. His severed arm does make a surprise appearance later on. T-Rex 1. Jackson 0.

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