Big heroes, little heroes… our cheat sheet!

Have you noticed that superhero sizes are all over the shop?
Some could swipe a bus out of the way with their little finger; others are so tiny it’s hard to believe they could save the day (or the world). But here’s the thing: when you have super powers, super strength or something super, it’s not about the size of your suit…

Kong Skull Island

Hero: Kong in Kong: Skull Island (2017)
Height: 30.5m high
Kong was a bruiser in his previous movies, but the ape we’ll see in upcoming Skull Island is about as tall as, oh, a decent sized building. So you can probably expect that a few of the humans who’ve joined forces to explore the unchartered island where he lives will be squashed like bugs if they don’t play their cards right.
Verdict: Not to be messed with unless you’re carting a few giant mutant bananas.

Source: [Universal Pictures]

: Hulk in The Incredible Hulk (2008)
Height: 2.4m high
It ain’t easy being green… when you’re huge AND none of your pants ever fit properly. The alter ego of scientist Bruce Banner (Edward Norton) has got a bit of an anger management problem, it’s true, but his strength and height comes in handy. 
Verdict: Like all good/bad split personality characters, this one’s complicated. 

Source: [Walt Disney Pictures]

Hero: Baymax in Big Hero 6 (2014)
Height: 1.9m high
Hands up who wanted to reach through the screen and get a hug from this sweet inflatable robot? Hiro and Baymax’s bond has been compared to that of E.T. and Elliott, and this big-hearted superhero story is all about the warm fuzzies.
Verdict: We want our own huge robotic nurse to hang out with, immediately.

The Lego Batman Movie

Hero: LEGO® Batman in The Lego® Batman Movie (2017)
Height: 4cm
You might think a superhero who’s only 4cm tall couldn’t achieve much, but this is BATMAN we’re talking about, people. He’s tough, he’s plasticy, he’s a helluva lot funnier than his predecessors – and he’s able to juggle bad guys with the challenges of raising his adopted son. Worth shelling out to take the whole tribe? Absolutely.
Verdict: Will make you want to go play with that box of Lego® stashed under the bed.

Ant Man
Source: [Marvel Studios]

Hero: Ant-Man in Ant-Man (2015)
Height: 1.5cm (when shrunk)
Any movie with Paul Rudd in it is worth watching, but the refreshing thing about Ant-Man is that he’s a normal guy who shrinks down with the help of a special suit. And you’ve got to love the teeny-tiny perspective he gives us on the world – especially when most superhero movies are all about destruction of entire cities (yawn).
Verdict: Sometimes being small rocks more than being big. 

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