5 Fantastic Beasts We Wish Were Our Pets

Smashing the box office and reigniting the passion of fans worldwide, J.K Rowling’s most recent film introduced audiences to magical beasts of the Wizarding World beyond those explored in the books.

Our biggest take-away from the film? The kids at Hogwarts really need to amp-up their pet game. Here are the beasts we're wishing were our furry friends. 

Wizarding world

Newt's bashful little pocket pal (and clear favourite, let's be honest people), the bowtruckle is a magical tree guardian, made of bark and twigs himself. Bowtruckles are a maximum of eight inches in height and are camouflage masters, blending easily into their natural habitat. Too sweet!

Wizarding world

Long-snouted burrowing animals, nifflers are British natives (though they look suspiciously like platypuses to us!) With a penchant for jewellery and shiny objects, they are voracious collectors, and slippery little guys to catch when they're on the hunt. They are not advised as domestic pets as they have destructive tendencies and live in lairs deep underground - but we can dream! Imagine the jewel heist you could pull off with one of those little guys...

Wizarding world

Hailing from the Far East, the demiguise is a small ape-like beast with silvery hair and doe-like eyes. They are peaceful herbivores with the ability to turn invisible when vulnerable. Fun fact: it is from their spun pelt that invisibility cloaks are made! Major heart eyes for this little guy. 

Wizarding world

A plumed two-legged beast with a snake-like lower body, occamys are admittedly not the greatest choice of pet as they are aggressive in nature, particularly when defending their precious silver eggs. On the flip side, they have the incredible ability of growing to massive lengths, or conversely, shrinking to fit inside a teacup. Who doesn't want a pet with a party trick?!

Wizarding world

A bird-like beast that can sense danger and create thunderstorms mid-flight, we can't help but think one of these would have been handy during the battle of Hogwarts. American natives and close relatives to the phoenix, their tail feathers have been used in wands and are particularly adept at transfiguration. Want. 

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