Which Sherlock are you?

The world’s most infamous sleuth has been played by a host of A-List stars since the deliciously named Basil Rathbone first graced our screens in 1939. There may be over 70 incarnations of Arthur Conan Doyle’s heroic anti-hero but we have 3 all-time favourite Sherlock’s... and they couldn’t be more different.
They’re all supernaturally smart, cunning and conniving, but some are also dysfunctional, deranged and downright rude. Others are the life of the party and usually stumble back into Baker Street in the early hours worse for wear. 
So this got us thinking, which Sherlock are you? Good Sherlock? Bad Sherlock? Sociopathic Sherlock? Take our quiz and find out.

My success, fame and notoriety are due to:

a) Quitting my opiate habit and going to rehab
b) Booze, brawls and women of the night 
c) Trusting no-one and never taking the weekend off 

I like to wear:

a) Modern clothes, not that funny hat 
b) Nothing...as much as possible 
c) A scowl

Women think I’m:

a) Hot...but not as hot as I once was 
b) A good time had by all 
c) Dark and dangerous - meaning: irresistible 

My past relationships include:

a) Angelina Jolie 
b) Too many notches on my bed to remember 
c) No-one, I like people to think I’m asexual 

Moriarty might be my arch nemesis but I also really hate:

a) Cleaning up 
b) Sobering up 
c) Other people 

I think I’m the smartest person in...

a) New York 
b) The room 
c) The world 

My big secret is:

a) I’m having a bromance...with a woman - plus I’ve got father issues
b) I’ve got a police record... plus I’m mates with Mel Gibson 
c) I dye my hair black... plus I don’t care what you think

I’ve got a secret crush on:

a) Dr. Joan Watson 
b) Mrs Hudson  
c) Dr. John Watson

If you answered all or mostly a), then you’re:


Jonny Lee Miller Elementary

It’s elementary, you’re the modern-day Sherlock. You prefer The Big Apple to ole London town. You’re not interested in musty 19th century sleuthing – you’re into tech, mod-cons and comfort. You’re a bad boy who’s trying to go straight but you’re still lured by temptations and prone to falling back on bad habits. Women are your weakness...but so are many illegal things

If you answered all or mostly b), then you’re:


Robert Downey JR as Sherlock

Pop the champagne corks, pour out the absinthe- you’re the most fun, naughty, loveable and hard-partying Holmey to ever wear tweeds and spats. We’d like to know what’s really in that pipe you smoke.

If you answered all or mostly c), then you’re:


Benedict Cumberbatch Sherlock Season 4

You should be very worried by this diagnosis. Sure, you’re a super smart genius and can solve the unsolvable but some people think you’re a bit of an A hole (including your brother Mycroft). But men respect you, evil-doers fear you and women go weak at the knees over you. You’re the reigning King of the Sherlock’s – without equal or without compromise.  Even Moriarty secretly admires you... and we all know what Dr. Watson really thinks about you.

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