Miss Sloane: Gun for hire

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Part political exposé, part timely social commentary, Miss Sloane delivers much more than the average political thriller.
Starring Jessica Chastain, Mark Strong, Michael Stuhlbarg and John Lithgow, Miss Sloane tells the story of an uncompromising political power-broker who takes on the gun lobby, betting her career and those of her around her on an incredibly long shot. 

With the wit and panache of Miranda Priestly and the political tenacity of Frank Underwood, Chastain’s titular role as Liz Sloane is a fox in the henhouse of the already corrupt political lobby.

Boasting cigarette companies and the forest destroying manufacturers of palm oil as clients, Sloane is no champion of the people. But in the wake of yet another mass shooting, and the introduction of a bill that would increase the restrictions around gun purchase and ownership, she does an about-face and leaves her slick top-of-the-hill firm to work for the little guy.

What ensues is a campaign face-off of Goliathan proportions between Sloane’s plucky team and the titan that is the American gun lobby. Characterised by coercion, corporate espionage, and the unscrupulous pursuit of votes, their battle for influence is a social chess game with no rules; raising the concept of moral relativism – when the stakes are this high, can and indeed, should, lobbyists operate by any means necessary?

The irony that this film discusses a real bill that would never pass isn’t lost, particularly on a post-Obama America, currently pondering the fate a Trump presidency will bring. But even when the chips are down and all seems lost for Sloane, she has a card up her sleeve and a hand to play. Possibly the most singular role of Chastain’s career to date, Sloane offers audiences a leader they will question, and ultimately, the one they need. In Cinemas March 2nd.