Amy Adams: Genre Chameleon

Star of Arrival and awards show darling, Amy Adams has made her way into the living rooms and hearts of every Australian home.
Star of Arrival and awards show darling, Amy Adams has made her way into the living rooms and hearts of every Australian home. More than a gifted performer, Amy has shown a fastidious resistance to typecasting in pursuing many varied genres and character types. From Ella Enchanted, to the runaway success of this year’s Arrival, here are some of our favourites...

The Wedding Date 

Releasing back in 2004, The Wedding Date was one of Amy's first big breaks as a character actor. Playing the spoilt baby sister and bride-to-be to Debra Messing's leading lady, Amy stole the show as a deceitful (but adorable) antagonist in this feel-good rom-com.

American Hustle 

The crime blockbuster of 2013 featured Adams as the glamorous and resourceful girlfriend Sydney Prosser to Christian Bale's Irving Rosenfeld. Far from outshone by Bale, Adams was the real star player in a heist that involved not only the federal police, but also a budding mayor and Bale's lovely and unstable ex-wife (Jennifer Lawrence). Adams had us guessing about her true allegiance all the way through the film, but you can be sure she ends up on top.

Man of Steel

Every little girls dream role and every comic book fan's dream girl, Adams threw herself into the role of Lois Lane. Doggedly pursuing the story America deserved, but was unready to hear, Adams brought an individuality and purity to the oft-portrayed heroine.

Nocturnal Animals

This opulent and over-wrought neo-noir thriller is the latest from Tom Ford, and gave Adams a wonderful opportunity to showcase her chops as a horror actress. Fabulously wealthy but shockingly vulnerable, she takes audiences on a complete journey through her mangled past relationship. Deftly manoeuvring an at-times complex double narrative, her terror is positively palpable.


Arguably the most challenging role of hers to date, Arrival offered Adams the opportunity to dip her toes in the pool of sci-fi, while simultaneously delivering emotionally intense and philosophically complex scenes. Exploring the fraught concept of first-contact with alien visitors, Arrival sees Adams grapple with international diplomacy, a language the likes of which the world has never seen, and her own complex emotions.

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