7 Unmissable TV Dramas Coming in 2018

The TV Renaissance gathers even more momentum in 2018.
Where movies once ruled, television now dominates. With more time and a broader vision, TV draws the finest acting talent, tells the most captivating stories and captures legions of loyal fans. 

Here is our list of the most binge-worthy dramas of 2018. 


“It looks like the kind of series that's going to hook us right in and shake us to the core” - Popsugar 

Ripped from today’s headlines, based on one of the most controversial Australian movies in history and perfectly timed with the chaotic events engulfing the world today, Romper Stomper has to be the most anticipated Australian television event of 2018. 

The original 1992 movie made Russell Crowe an international star and that movie’s Director, Geoffrey Wright, rebirths his story for a whole new generation. Racism, bigotry, alienation and cultural clashes are all played out in the media, living rooms and back streets of a nation gripped by fear and loathing – now watch everything burn. 


Anything from Stephen King gets our attention – and this one has got serious pedigree. The plot is shrouded in mystery and still under wraps but the press release for this original story states it "combines the mythological scale and intimate character storytelling of King's best-loved works." 

Does the title sound familiar? Castle Rock is part of the Stephen King multiverse and the town has featured in The Dead Zone, Cujo and Stand by Me – and has been mentioned in lots of King works – It, The Stand and Under the Dome. There will be at least one well-known King character in this new series: Alan Pangborn from The Dark Half and Needful Things, he'll be played by The Leftovers' Scott Glenn. 

Plus it includes a couple faces that should be very familiar to Stephen King fans - Bill Skarsgård, Pennywise from It and Carrie herself, Sissy Spacek. Moonlight's André Holland features in the cast too.


Picnic at hanging rock  
Source: FremantleMedia Australia

In 1975 Peter Weir created a haunting masterpiece of Australian cinema... one of the most lauded and beloved Aussie films of all time. Now it’s time to return to Hanging Rock for a 21st century take on the legend. 

On Valentine’s Day in 1900, a group of school girls set out on a picnic to the isolated Hanging Rock... some were never to return. 
Wonder if the iconic pan pipes theme music will get a remix? Flume would be our choice...

Peyton Kennedy and Jahi Winston
Source: Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images & Paras Griffin/Getty Images

With a nostalgic nod to many of our favourite ‘90’s shows like Freaks and Geeks, That ‘70’s Show and The Wonder Years, this is one of 2018’s most enticing teen dramedys. Packed with a diverse cast of hot up and comers, including Peyton Kennedy (American Fable) and Jahi Winston (The New Edition Story), this quirky coming-of-age series is set in 1996 Oregon and reveals what happens when an A/V Club and Drama club collide. 

It’s a sharp and smart look back at high school, fashions, music and attitudes of kids at a time in their lives when everything seems desperate, heartfelt, awkward, and exciting. Another Netflix original that’s one to watch!


Coen Brothers
Source: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

The Coen Brothers first TV series. We’re in! We’re sold! Combine that with James Franco and Zoe Kazan (reuniting again after The Deuce) and you have a proposition that’s impossible to resist. This six-part Western anthology will tell a different story in each episode, taking tales of the Western frontier into unchartered narrative territory. Catch it on Netflix.


Emma Stone 
Source: Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty Images

Remember the name Cary Fukunaga (that surname is hard to forget!) He directed the first season of True Detective and wrote the screenplay for one of our favourite movies of 2017 – It. This major talent now brings us his next project, one of Netflix’s big productions of 2018 - Maniac. 

Based on a Norwegian black comedy and starring Emma Stone and Jonah Hill, Maniac is still shrouded in secrecy... but we know it is set in a 1980’s mental hospital where an institutionalised inhabitant lives a fantasy life in their dreams. That’s enough for us to tune in.

Tidelands Script
Source: NetflixANZ

Tidelands has the distinction of being Netflix’s first Australian original production – and what a crazy cool premise it has. The supernatural crime drama will follow an ex-criminal returning home to her Aussie fishing village and ends up investigating the mysterious circumstances of a body washing up on the shore. The case forces her to delve into the secrets of the local inhabitants, called Tidelanders, who are a dangerous half-siren, half-human hybrid. 

The series Producers (who also made Secrets and Lies) say it’s about “betrayal, small town secrets, ancient mythology and, when it comes to family... whether blood really is thicker than water."

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