Everything You Need To Know About Batman

The who’s who of Justice League – here’s everything you need to know about Batman
As one of the headline acts of the League and a star-player in his own right, so much has already been written about Batman that it’s hard to find anything new for the super fans. But we’ve trawled the darkest corners of the web to dig up some fun and interesting facts about the Caped Crusader that we think you mightn’t yet know. But now you do!

Bruce Wayne’s name is derived from two real-life heroes from history... Robert the Bruce, a Scottish national hero; and Mad Anthony Wayne, a hero of the American Revolution.

Bruce Wayne

Gotham City got its name from a random act... Batman writer Bill Finger said he came up with the name Gotham City by opening up a phone book and randomly putting his finger on ‘Gotham Jewellers’.

The creation of Batman has some surprising inspiration... Zorro, The Shadow and Dracula. Yikes!

Ben Affleck is the only actor ever to wear both the Batman suit and the Superman suit in two different films, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Hollywoodland.


Batman has already beaten Darkseid twice – can he do it again? The first time, Batman downed Darkseid with a god-killing gun and the second time, Batman felled him by donning the Hellbat armour designed by the Justice League. Even though Steppenwolf looks like the primary foe in Justice League, will ultimate villain Darkseid turn up as well? If he does, we can’t wait for the showdown.

Bruce Wayne tracks down Aquaman. The clues are in the trailers – remember Bruce looking down at the fishing village on his quest to bring Aquaman into the League? Batman most likely got his intel from that file he swiped from Lex Luthor in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Batman and Aquaman

Bruce Wayne is dry, acerbic... and loaded:
Barry Allen and Bruce Wayne deliver the best lines of the trailer: 
Barry: "What are your superpowers again?"
Bruce: "I'm rich."
How rich? According to Forbes, Bruce Wayne is worth $7 billion.

Upscaled, upgraded new gadgets... While the Batmobile looks awesome in Justice League, we’re beside ourselves with excitement about some of Batman’s new equipment. Nightcrawler is an articulated vehicle that can climb up walls and is loaded with a harpoon, rockets, canons and multiple gun turrets. Designed for military use, it’s a four-threaded tank that can pierce into surfaces with each leg to climb vertical surfaces and even hang from a ceiling. Its cockpit-style interior is based on function and resembles a forklift, with one command seat. It is essentially created to combat alien threats. Is the Crawler the Bat-arsenal’s best big hitter yet? Read on...

The Flying Fox... Perhaps even more impressive than the Nightcrawler, The Flying Fox is big enough to accommodate the entire League and comes with more military might than any navy. This ‘troop carrier’ puts The Avengers’ Quinjet in the shade. No shade intended.

Batman's suit

Upgraded Batsuit? It seems like tradition that Batman enhances his suit for every new movie appearance – and from clues so far, he’s done it again. The most obvious is the changed Bat logo on his chest, more padding, new patches of armour to the shoulders, biceps and knees and greyer overall instead of black, to add contrast. It literally pops! And then there’s also the tactical Batsuit he wears for assignments like taking on Parademons and the forces of Apokolips. This has to be the most awe-inspiring Batman we’ve ever seen.

Answer the call of the Bat Signal and look out for Justice League hitting cinemas in November.

Everything You Need To Know About Justice League

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