The best jump scares in horror

Many horror purists believe jump scares are an over-used device used by movie-makers for cheap thrills... but we kinda love them.
Those nightmarish scenes are the ones that stick with you for years! We’ve rounded up our favourite ‘jump scares’, do you dare watch them… through your fingers?

MOVIE: Drag Me To Hell 
JUMP SCARE: The gypsy in the car

A loan officer is cursed after evicting an old lady from her home in this jumpy Sam Raimi horror. The ‘gypsy gumming’ scene in the parking garage starts off as mildly spooky, ends up scaring you silly… then just grosses you out.

MOVIE: Insidious
JUMP SCARE: Creepy face over his shoulde
Often jump scares happen in darkness or eerie surroundings. This one is during chit-chat in broad daylight right at the dinner table. Demon alert! One of many unexpectedly scary moments in this horror franchise.

MOVIE: The Conjuring 
JUMP SCARE: Two hands clapping in the darkness

Satanic forces preying on innocent families always have a pee-your-pants factor. But who’d have thought two hands coming out of the darkness clapping would be the most terrifying bit? Seriously creepy.

MOVIE: The Ring
JUMP SCARE: Finding Katie in the closet

Ruth’s daughter Katie died, and she’s talking to her sister Rachel about it. It’s all quiet, calm – until we’re shocked by a shrieky flashback of the corpse in the closet. It’s just one of many keep-you-up-at-night scares in this horror.

MOVIE: Paranormal Activity
JUMP SCARE: Demonic face in screen

Young couple Katie and Micah are facing an evil force in their new home, but it’s not until Night 21 that the demon really starts taking prisoners. Katie being dragged out of bed by an invisible demon is also pretty terrifying.

MOVIE: The Woman In Black 
JUMP SCARE: Window scene

A young lawyer goes to sell a house and finds it haunted by a vengeful ghost who likes to peer through windows and scare the bejesus out of people. Daniel Radcliffe stars.

MOVIE: The Strangers 
JUMP SCARE: Dollface masked killer finds Kristen

A couple are terrorised in their remote holiday home by a masked trio, making for a fair few jump shares. We really wish Liv Tyler’s character could’ve found a better hiding place…

MOVIE: Wolf Creek 
JUMP SCARE: Head on a stick

A group of backpackers are caught by an outback serial killer, and the biggest scare happens when one backpacker tries to get away in the killer’s car. He finds her and the grisly scene that follows is one of the scariest in Aussie horror movie history.

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