9 reasons why Gerard Butler is our ultimate hero

Terrorists have seized the city; a catastrophic storm’s coming; an unstoppable army’s approaching. Survival’s unlikely, unless Gerard Butler is around.

Since his breakout role as King Leonidas in 300, Gerard Butler has been the kind of hero who defies time, space and place, saving the world he lives in, no matter the enemy. And in Geostorm, where the entire planet faces the onslaught of deliberate and cataclysmic natural disasters, he is the man who will defy authority and the odds to rescue us all. Frankly, we can’t hide our admiration for the guy but if you need further convincing that GB is your hero, we’ve got 9 reasons:

1. He’s not afraid of anyone or anything
law abiding citizen

2. He stares down hurricanes…


3. …and bad asses
london has fallen

4. He delivers the best one-liners…
olympus has fallen

5. …and has single-handedly defeated terrorists... twice
gerard with gun

6. He saves presidents, cities… the entire world in fact…

7. …and he’s saved people in real life too

8. His Hollywood body count stands in the hundreds…
300 image

9. …and when hell is unleashed around him, he’s unwavering, tenacious and always victorious

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