Jumped the shark: 8 shows that killed it for us all

Ah, jumping the shark ā€“ so many shows have and it mighty hard to come back from.
For those not in the know, ‘jumping the shark’ is the go-to term for pretty much any outrageous scene or episode that deviates from a show’s original formula, making it something you can no longer a) believe in or b) respect. Here are a few total shark-jumping moments that made us c r i n g e.


Shark-jumping moment: Dexter not killing Hannah
The scene where he jumps her bones on the killing table … well, that’s a deviation from the formula if ever there was one. That said, it’s fair to say fans are torn on this one: some feel the biggest shark-jumping moment was Rita’s death and that the show declined after that; others say the show jumped the shark after the death of the Trinity Killer (John Lithgow).

Source: Showtime Entertainment


Shark-jumping moment: Denny dying
Sure, Grey’s has been ruthless in killing off characters left, right and centre, but back when we loved Izzy and wanted her and Denny to live happily ever after, the soft spot we had for the show died a little when Denny did.

Greys Anatomy
Source: ABC Studios


Shark-jumping moment: When the Survivors met the Others
Let’s be clear: this is just one of many shark-jumping moments in a show that hooked us, then annoyed us, then made us want to switch off because it was all just too messy and confusing and no longer made any sense.

Source: ABC Studios


Shark-jumping moment: Forcing viewers to watch 48 episodes.
Seven seasons in, MKR jumped the shark big time due to a tired format, one too many nasty contestants, and that crazy-eyed health nut Pete Evans. Oh, and force-feeding audiences more episodes than even the most passionate cooking show fan could handle just smacks of desperation.

Source: Seven Productions


Shark-jumping moment: Killing Tara
While die-hard fans still limped to the finishing line after Gemma killed her daughter-in-law in a drunken rage, nothing felt right after Tara’s murder. Jax went nuts, became stupidly violent and made ill-thought-out decisions that were hard to buy, and the show ended on a pointless, depressing note. 

Sons of Anarchy
Source: FX Productions


Shark-jumping moment: When Charlie Harper was killed off
This ribald sitcom was a shocker on every sexist level imaginable, but you can’t deny it was a ratings hit in the US. That is, until troubled actor Charlie Sheen went to rehab, was replaced by Ashton Kutcher, and the rest is history.

Two and a half men
Source: Warner Bros. Television


Shark-jumping moment: When Michael Scott left the building
How can you tune in to the Dunder Mifflin hijinks without the insufferable, cringe-worthy, immature boss at the centre of it all? When Steve Carell left the show, viewers pretty much left with him.

The Office
Source: NBC Universal Television


Shark-jumping moment: When Mulder was abducted by aliens
Seven great seasons in, one of TV’s most beloved partnerships ended when Fox Mulder was taken by aliens. A risky move and although David Duchovny returned intermittently, it was never the same and fans feel it was the moment when this once great series was sent on a downward spiral. 

The X Files
Source: 20th Century Fox Television

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