5 of the most cursed movies ever made

Some movies get made without a hitch. Others aren’t so lucky…
The Blair Witch Project Curse
Back in 1999, it was the fly-on-the-wall, in-the-woods horror that terrified audiences, made a shedload of money – and, some say, cast a bit of a curse on its young stars too. The Blair Witch Project starred the relatively unknown Heather Donahue, Joshua Leonard and Michael C. Williams. They used their real names in the film, leading many to believe the film was a real-life documentary and that the trio had died making it. Success has been patchy for the actors since – including Donahue, who has since quit Hollywood to grow marijuana instead. Her memoir Grow Girl: How My Life After The Blair Witch Project Turned to Pot says it all really!

The Poltergeist Curse
Stephen Spielberg wrote and produced the original 1982 film, which was the most well received and scariest. What’s creepier, though, is that four actors connected to the franchise died in the six years after the first movie came out. Dominique Dunne was strangled at age 22 by her ex-boyfriend. Heather O’Rouke, who played the main character in all the Poltergeist films, died of cardiac arrest linked to a misdiagnosed illness. She was just 12. Two other cast members also died following their roles: cancer took Julian Beck at age 60, and 53-year-old Will Sampson died following post-operative kidney failure in 1987. 

The Superman Curse
Career ruin, major health issues, death… it’s no secret that the Superman franchise has caused a helluva lot of misery in the lives of those connected to it. The most infamous happenings include the 1959 suicide (or possible murder), of George Reeves from the iconic TV series The Adventures of Superman – he was just 45. And after Christopher Reeve retired from his role in the Superman movies, he was thrown from his horse and paralysed from the neck down. He also died young, at 52.

The Rosemary’s Baby Curse
The 1968 Roman Polanski horror about a woman who starts to believe her baby is not of this world launched the director’s career, but cursed him and others connected to the film, too. Polanski’s pregnant wife was brutally murdered at the hands of the Manson Family – even as Rosemary’s Baby was still showing in theatres. The film’s composer fell at a party, went into a coma and died four months later. A producer who worked on the film also suffered kidney failure and blamed the film’s curse for it. He reportedly recovered, but never made another movie again.

The Omen Curse
The 1976 movie about a man who realises that his adopted son is the Antichrist is considered one of the most cursed movies of all time. Two months before filming, actor Gregory Peck’s son committed suicide. During filming, three of the crew were in planes struck by lightning. The producer, director and some of the actors narrowly survived IRA bombings in London. The special effects consultant who worked on the film’s grisly death scenes was involved in a car crash that killed his girlfriend. And a rented production plane, which switched at the last minute to do a commercial flight, crashed and killed everyone on board. You’d think that would be the end of tempting fate (and Satan), but nope – filmmakers went ahead and did a remake in 2006. Apparently it was uneventful!


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