Two Bergs Are Better Than One

We make movies about teams fighting to survive
Actor Mark Wahlberg and Writer/Director Peter Berg have so far collaborated on three epic movies together - Lone Survivor, Deepwater Horizon and their latest, Patriots Day. If you think this pair just want to make loud, empty action movies with lots of explosions and gunfire, think again! These are two passionate filmmakers whose intelligence and commitment run deep.

Peter Berg explains, “Somehow our paths converged. We recognised the same drive, the same ethic, and the same spirit. We were instantly certain that we would work well together, that we could trust each other, and that we would be stronger as a team.” 

Making true stories their launch pad, this team creates merciless tales of people uniting to face overwhelming odds. In Lone Survivor it was the disastrous Navy SEAL counter-insurgent mission to hunt down a Taliban leader during the war in Afghanistan. In Deepwater Horizon, it was the worst oil rig disaster in US history. And now with Patriots Day, it’s about the community of Boston fighting to process the brutality and aftermath of the horrific 2013 Boston marathon bombing.

As a proud Bostonian, Wahlberg was worried about how his community would react, telling “My initial reaction was no [but] I realised this could be something that really showed what our community is all about, and how far we’ve come. The message that love, and people coming together and uniting is something that needs to be seen, and heard.” 

It is clear how proud both Wahlberg and Berg are of their masterful third collaboration, as Berg told Indiewire: “This film, for me, was by far the most intense experience of my career, it’s definitely been the project of my lifetime.” And Wahlberg wrapped up by stating: “It was nice for the world to get to see what Boston Strong really means.” 

Once again, two creative forces working in complete unison.

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