Movies Turning Legal

Turning 18 is the milestone we all hang out for - we’re finally legit and legal. So raise your Aperol Spritz, boutique beer or artisanal whiskey for the movies made when the Prince song reigned supreme.

It’s been 18 years since Kevin Spacey fantasised about Mena Suvari, Brad was the figment of an imagination, the choice was between the Red Pill and the Blue Pill and a girl stood before a boy asking him to love her.

 10 Things I Hate About You 

The Green Mile

 Fight Club  
– Source: [Fox 2000]

 American Beauty – Source: [DreamWorks]

 The Matrix

 American Pie – Source: [Universal Pictures]

Eyes Wide Shut

 Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace – Source: [Lucasfilm] 

 The Sixth Sense – Source: [Hollywood Pictures]

 Girl, Interrupted 
– Source: [Columbia Pictures]

 Notting Hill 
– Source: [Polygram Filmed Entertainment]

 The Virgin Suicides – Source: [American Zoetrope]


 The World is Not Enough – Source: [MGM]

 The Talented Mr Ripley 
– Source: [Miramax]

 Being John Malkovich 
– Source: [Propaganda Films]

 Boys Don’t Cry  – Source: [Fox Searchlight Pictures]

 The Blair Witch Project – Source: [Haxan Films]

Movies definitely get better with age. If you haven’t seen any of these modern-day classics yet, put them on your list. We guarantee you’ll be moved, enthralled, entertained, transported and ready to celebrate.

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