Four Times The Edge of Seventeen Took Us Back to Year 11

Get ready to re-live your awkward youth with plucky Nadine from The Edge of Seventeen...
The Edge of Seventeen is shaping up to be the next iconic coming of age film. But for those of us who are beyond our teen years, this sharply funny comedy offers a throwback to those painfully cringe worthy moments that make for comedy fodder in your twenties and thirties (we’ve already memorised some of Nadine’s classic lines by heart). For your reading pleasure, here are the top four moments Nadine spoke to the awkward teen within.

In the first moments of the film, Nadine trashes Mr. Bruner’s lunchtime reverie by announcing announcing her life is over (we’ve all been there, girl) only to be shot down by her own teacher when he describes the misery of having to share his precious lunch break with an insane, and insanely-dressed, student. And so an unlikely friendship is struck #teachergoals
2. ‘Are you even up there?!’ aka Bad Hair Existential Crisis. Languishing in the post-haircut melancholy that has plagued every person who has survived teenagerdom, Nadine realises that her new terrible new do’ is basically a re-vamp of Pedro’s look from Napoleon Dynamite. Her BFF reassures her, its only hair, it’ll grow out, but she knows almost instinctively that this is an omen of more social awkwardness to come...
3. Thankfully this particular agony is not a universal experience, but her exquisite pain is easy to relate to. After waking up (hungover) in her bathroom, Nadine walks in on her confidante and only friend in bed with her very cool and faintly obnoxious older brother, and is forced to contemplate a friendless existence. In the crucible of adolescence, friends are your life rafts, and this moment presents the audience with an all-too-real predicament.
4. Receiving sage advice from a war-torn mentor. Ultimately, her hardships galvanise her into action - there is hope yet for Nadine! As her reluctant mentor advises: “Life is about taking risks. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there.” He’s not wrong; when it comes to life and love, the risks are always worth the fall. Those make-or-break moments are what make life so essential and vital. That said – we are definitely not in support of seduction by an impulsive instant message... 

So make like Nadine and grab life with both hands. After all, you’re only young once. 

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