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Your favourite superheroes are renewed and regenerated
It’s the beginning of a new year and we’re already making all your wishes come true. The ink isn’t even dry yet but we can officially report that a host of your most obsessed-about TV series will be given a new burst of life throughout 2017. The Flash, Supergirl, Arrow, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow and Supernatural have all been signed for new seasons. Hoorah! They’ve saved the day again.

The Flash
The CW’s highest rated original series streaks home for a much anticipated Fourth Season. We can’t wait to see what’s in store for C.S.I. Barry Allen and the Central City Police Department - will it be back to the future again for some awesome time-travelling adventure?

Get your Red Cape ready, Supergirl will be back for a stunning Season Three... more aliens, more Superman and even more of the hottest Kryptonian to ever land on Earth.

Speaking of hot, Oliver Queen will sizzle up the screen for a lusted-for Sixth Season. Will his flashbacks continue? Will Mr Terrific get his own flashbacks? How about flash-forwards of Arrow and Diggle? The twists, turns and surprises will definitely keep coming.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow 
The Legion of Doom be gone - because Season Three is about to strike back. Tomorrow starts today. Whoever is your favourite hero, there’s sure to be a juicy story coming their way. Legendary by name, legendary by nature

Who said thirteen was an unlucky number? If you get to Thirteen Seasons then you must be doing something right...and Supernatural does everything right. Infact, it might just be the most immortal genre series on TV, continuing to take chances and maintaining one of the strongest, most loyal fan bases of any program. The Winchester’s are loaded and ready to fire up in 2017.

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