The Legend of Red Dog

Four dusty paws, two pointy ears, one waggly tail... and a heart as big as the outback – that’s RED DOG, Australia’s favourite canine and one of the nation’s all-time favourite films.
The story of the pup from the Pilbara who wandered into our lives and stole all our hearts, is the stuff of Aussie legend. From the moment RED DOG hit the screens in 2011, it became an instant classic and has remained on everyone’s ‘favourite Australian film’ list ever since. It joins an elite group including The Castle, Muriel’s Wedding, Priscilla Queen of the Desert, Gallipoli and Mad Max- perennial classics that can be enjoyed over and over again.

RED DOG keeps smashing barriers and breaking records - besides making more than $21 million at the Australian Box Office, it is the biggest selling Australian DVD of all time, that’s an impressive record when you consider it’s up against some heavyweight Hollywood blockbusters. But these accolades are incredibly befitting, because RED DOG is a story of the under-dog - the little guy, the average joe, the overlooked and the unrecognised.  It is the story of the triumph of friendship and the power of kinship.  What RED DOG teaches us is that something special can come from the most unlikely can literally wander into our lives and change us forever. The real RED DOG did that in the 1970’s and the film continues to do that to every new generation who experiences it.

RED DOG has become a phenomenon and an icon- not only did it win the inaugural AACTA Best Film award, but Koko the star won Best Dog in a Foreign Film at the prestigious Golden Collar Awards in Los Angeles. A hounding success! Koko even featured in Australia’s pre-eminent art awards, the Archibald Prize, in a portrait alongside producer Nelson Woss by Adam Cullen. There is not one corner of our country not touched by the story of RED DOG.

RED DOG’s heart belonged to the outback... and somewhere out there on those dusty trails, he lives forever.


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