Which Coming-of-Age movie character are you?

Which Coming-of-Age movie character are you? Take our quiz to find out now!
QUIZ :  Which Coming-of-age movie character are you?

1. My friends:

(a) Are my books 

(b) Need encouragement 

(c) Wish they could be me

(d) Are my escape 

(e) Share my passion for music 

(f) What friends?

2.  At age 13:

(a)  All I could think about was...maths 

(b)  I hung out with my friends any chance I could 

(c)  I was running middle school 

(d)  I did whatever my parents asked me to do 

(e) I discovered one of my great loves 

(f) I looked like the opposite sex

3. At 17 my favourite piece of clothing was:

(a) Anything that was comfortable  - and screamed virgin 

(b) Anything I could put on easily and get out of the house quickly 

(c) Something you could only dream of owning

(d) A jersey my father hated so I wore it all the time 

(e) My Duran Duran style coat

(f) A knitted green jumper with a big deer head on it

4. If a bully tries to push me around:

(a) I don’t come across them too much in our Physics club 

(b) I don’t take crap from bullies. No matter what their size.  

(c) I’m not into confrontation.  Best to avoid by say, staying in bed 
(d) No-one pushes me around. I’m in charge here!

(e) I take the low key approach and refuse to buy into their bulls%*t  

(f) Kind of mouthy but I’m freaking out inside 

 5. Fake ID’s are necessary:

(a) Damn right – I want to vote. 

(b) Nope - I can find a way around needing one 

(c) Well durrrhh! How else can I do whatever I choose?  

(d) I seriously doubt I will be doing anything that requires one  

(e) Especially if you like someone who is older than you  

(f) That’s if you actually get asked to go somewhere where you need it...

 6. Supposedly, we are a product of our parents:

(a) I see what you’re doing – a hidden Maths question!  

(b) No way. I am not going to be a drunk and petty crim  

(c) I get products from my parents– that’s all I want from them  

(d) What? Does this mean I’m materialistic, authoritative and emotionally crippled?  

(e) If that is the case, I am destined for unhappiness, unfulfilled dreams and bad hair 

(f) If I am like my mother, god help me

7. When I think of school:

(a) I think study and pressure  

(b)I think of my friends and maybe going to college one day 

(c) I think about how I can rule it better  

(d) I suddenly develop a severe case of hypochondria  

(e) I think of principals who like tormenting kids and bad food at the canteen  

(f) I daydream that all those confident, popular students die in a big explosion 

8. If I could do one thing I’d like to:

(a) Feel relaxed about losing a mark in an exam  

(b) Start afresh with a new family – one that isn’t full of losers  

(c) Make curly fries calorie free  

(d) Tell my parents I don’t give a s%*t about their opinion 

(e) Be the lead singer in a hit band – and get that unattainable object of my affection 

(f) Burn all photos of me from year 7 onwards 


Mostly A’s

Brian – The Breakfast Club

You are a brainbox, with a mind for all things analytical. Your idea of a fun Saturday night is curling up with a physics textbook.  Fashion is not one of your strong points – in fact your dress sense is non-existent. However you do feel comfortable in your clothes because they allow you to do what you do best: ace exams. Being a nerd comes with its pressures which you are acutely aware of - you wish you could be more relaxed when you get 99% instead of full marks (please note you cannot get more than 99.95 for your ATAR). You’re not all about school though. You have a mind for politics and think the idea of waiting until you’re 18 to vote is preposterous. With a frontal lobe like yours, you get our vote for Best Coming-of-Age geek.

Mostly B’s

Chris Chambers – Stand By Me

Everybody in high school wanted a friend like you and not just because you are easygoing and fun to be around. You are loyal, caring and encouraging too. Unlike your parents, you want to do the right thing and make something of your life. When you are with your friends, you are at your happiest. They are too. They admire your bravery: you are bold and stand up for what’s right, no matter what the cost. Putting others needs before your own is second nature to you.  You harbour quiet ambition and an innate resourcefulness - and given the chance, you can change the world for all kids from the wrong side of the tracks.

Mostly C’s

Regina George – Mean Girls

Well you are quite the piece of work, aren’t you? Self-centred, nasty, controlling– and we love you for it! You are just so damn entertaining. Who else can pull off insults like you? And manipulating people the way you do?  Step aside Donald Trump – here is America’s next President.  With your sass, looks and oh-so-fetch moves you can pull off anything. You do need to get your weight paranoia under control though. That way you can spend more time shopping, be-atch-ing with your friends and managing your ever expanding empire!

Mostly D’s

Cameron Frye – Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

It’s not easy living with parents like yours so it’s understandable that you are angst-ridden and uptight. Which is why you are prone to hypochondria and hiding in your bedroom. You are unsure of yourself and feel pressure to do what others ask of you. Hey, welcome to the teenage world!  The upside is that you have friends you can count on to rescue you. And they don’t judge you like your parents do. They see your funny, easygoing side and enjoy hanging out with you. They also know there is a rebellious streak brewing beneath the surface. Time to shed your fears, step out in confidence and start taking charge of your life. Show your parents the person they never took time to recognise.

Mostly E’s

Conor Lalor – Sing Street

You’ve got dreams – and you’re going to pursue them. And while being the lead singer in a band may seem unrealistic and a cliché, that’s not going to stop you. You’ve seen your parents unhappy and longing for fulfilment. That isn’t going to be you. You’ve found your passions and you are going to follow them – wherever they take you. With youthful optimism, quiet self-assurance, a healthy dose of cynicism and the courage to stand up for what you believe, you are well on your way to coming-of-age. Yay you!

Mostly F’s

Nadine - The Edge of Seventeen

It’s crazy that you feel so alone with no friends because you are seriously funny and interesting. You are smart too and maybe that’s your problem. You over-think things. Like the way you looked in your teens. Sure that 13 year old haircut was pretty brutal and your choice of fashion confused, but loads of teens feel that way. They just don’t punish themselves so harshly for it.  Lighten up a little and lose some of that self-pity. If your mum doesn’t understand you, that’s annoying and exasperating - but not unusual. Let that wit of yours help navigate the tough times and be open to unlikely but ultimately satisfying friendships.

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