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Jonah plays true and gives himself a real chance at an Oscar

He was a Yale whiz kid in Moneyball and a morally unhinged stockbroker in Wolf of Wall Street, so it seems Jonah Hill is making a habit of it. His latest hit film, War Dogs sees Hill playing yet another real life character. This time he’s international arms dealer, Efraim Diveroli, an overtanned and vastly underestimated young entrepreneur who exploits the Afghan war for all its worth. Together with his friend David Packouz (Miles Teller), he scores a $300 million Pentagon contract - and that's when the wheeling and dealing really begins.

If two is a trend, three makes a pattern - there is no question in our mind that Hill is going after the little gold man. Garnering Oscar nomination for his previous real-life roles, it’s no secret that 26 of the 88 Best Actor gongs have gone to actors portraying real characters, and with any luck Hill’s fabulous performance will see him as a genuine contender next February. The Academy loves larger-than-life characters, and with Hill delivering lines like “This isn’t about being pro-war, this is about being pro-money,” and “I have to go first – I’m American,” he may well be delivering an acceptance speech at the 89th Academy Awards. You heard it here first...

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