7 times Bad Moms was scarily accurate about parenthood

If you’ve ever sat in on a parents committee meeting you'll understand,

1. Amy (Mila Kunis) was not after for a holiday in Paris or a week in the tropics. All she fantasises about is having a quiet breakfast by herself. We hear you Amy. Well if the kids stopped screaming, we’d hear you.

2. At the end of a punishing day, Amy battles peak hour traffic to pick up her daughter and take her to football training which she cannot, under any circumstances, be late for. Sound familiar? Like Amy you drive there like your life depends on it and arrive gasping for a drink – and not Gatorade.

3. If you’ve ever sat in on a parents committee meeting you know, like Amy, Kiki and Carla, what’s missing: most of the parents and a whole lot of enjoyment. Time to take a leaf out of the Bad Moms’ handbook and provide a shot of action – make that lots of shots and then there will loads of action.

4. Amy does papier-mâché, science projects and every other piece of homework that comes through the door. We’re all guilty of it – staying up late writing our kid’s multicultural speech and tearing our hair out over Year 5 maths. What the hell are we doing? Wasn’t school bad enough the first time around?!!!

5. The no-action bra. This is the hooter-holder that’s getting you nowhere, fast.  Amy’s bra is skin-tone in colour, has the surface area of a skateboard, little-to-no push-up capacity and looks scarily like her grandmother’s. We’ve all got at least one of these, possibly several. Time to clean out those drawers, girls - we’re bringing sexy back. 

6. Suddenly single, Amy dresses to impress and heads to a local bar. The guys flock to her – and then they get the flock outta there after she tells one too many stories about her kids, breastfeeding and Tupperware. We’re all prone to it but if you ever want to date again, DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT mention that your favourite film is Frozen and how much you love snap-lid storage containers.

7. When Amy tells those smug, totally-in-control, self-righteous parents committee mothers where to shove their cake stall, she is speaking on behalf of exhausted, trying-to-do-everything, guilt-ridden mothers everywhere. We love you Amy and will now copy your next fabulous move: to PARTY LIKE A MOTHER!!!

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