A look back at ACCTAs past

Australia’s answer to the most important night in showbiz, the AACTAs boast all the glamour and prestige of their fancy cousin Oscar.

2016 is drawing to a rapid close and the AACTAs are fast upon us. Australia’s answer to the most important night in showbiz, the AACTAs boast all the glamour and prestige of their fancy cousin Oscar - minus the long speeches and Ryan Seacrest *whimper*. From 2012’s maiden voyage to now, here’s a look at some of our most memorable moments with the local A-list.

• In 2013 Stephen Curry and Ricky Ponting slayed the presenter banter game. “We have more in common than a lot of people would give us credit for,” said Curry. “Yeah you’re probably right there Stephen,” replied the former Australian cricket captain, “everyone out there in the audience probably believes we should have both retired about four years ago.”

• At the fourth AACTA awards Stephen Curry and Dan Wyllie appeared on stage with a camel. Stephen looked the camel in the eye and said “Geoffrey [Rush] - is there anything you can’t play?” 

• Earlier that night while working the red carpet Dan Wyllie was asked what he was looking forward to: “maybe winning an AACTA tonight and then maybe two or three years of unemployment.”

• While hosting the awards of 2014, local bad gal Cate Blanchett joked with reporters that she wasn’t wearing any knickers under her negligee-chic Alexander McQueen frock. 

• And at the AACTAs 2015, veteran actor and House Husbands star Gary Sweet spoke of becoming a father for the fifth time at the age of 57: “I’m sleep deprived, golf deprived and you know what else deprived!” ZING.

• AACTA award winner Celia Pacquola (Utopia) is nominated this year for her role as a woman cheated on by her partner - and it appears that for this role, she had a distinct advantage: "Luckily enough, I have been cheated on in my personal life," she recently quipped.

•In 2015 Ryan Gosling made everyone’s night when he video bombed Russell Crowe while he was presenting an award via satellite. Gosling commiserated Crowe on not winning an award, and then affecting a quality Aussie accent, dead-panned to the audience: "It's OK, I'm an honorary Australian. I lived in New Zealand for like two years…"

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