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Doctor Who Myths and Legends

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    June 03, 2010
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The Time Monster, Underworld, and The Horns Of Nimon
The legendary stories of Atlantis, Jason and the Argonauts, and the Minotaur get a Doctor Who makeover in these three classic 1970s adventures! In The Time Monster, starring Jon Pertwee, the Master is back! Assuming the alias of Professor Thascales at the Newton Research Unit at Cambridge University, he harbours his latest deadly plot to seize control of time itself. Underworld stars Tom Baker as the Doctor who tries to rescue the Minyan race. The final story The Horns of Nimon again features Tom Baker where the TARDIS collides with a spaceship en route to the planet Skonnos and the Doctor discovers the horrific truth about its cargo.

Doctor Who Myths and Legends