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BOAF: Birds are Back, The S3

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    July 06, 2016
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The Birds are on the wing again with eight hilarious new capers by UK comedy legends Laurence Marks and Maurice Gran and long-time co-writers Gary Lawson and John Phelps. Funniest-ever feathers fly as Sharon and Tracey come face-to-face with their ex-husbands, criminal pasts, Dorien confronts a Foxy Cohen impersonator, a funeral's disrupted by a runaway hearse, the Birds lay a honey trap for an unsuspecting player, Tracey almost falls into the romantic arms of the law, Dorien's bewitching granddaughter turns the entire household upside down, a sisterly fight calls for rescue by a new Agony Aunt, and Sharon and Dorien get chucked out and find themselves holed up in Sharon's old flat.