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The Heroes and Villains of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice

23 March 2016

Lets take a look at our first Hero, Paradise Island’s Wonder Woman. When Gal Gadot flew into the States to audition the upcoming DC blockbuster, she thought she was auditioning for Cat Woman.

Katniss Everdeen: The evolution of a hero

23 March 2016

From a disarmed girl trying to save herself and then her family to a deeply reluctant rebel hero to a sharply-honed, fiercely determined leader.

Every day is murderous and Kris Marshall couldn’t be happier. Especially if John Cleese turns up.

22 March 2016

We caught up with Kris while on break from the show. He was back in England, with the sniffles and enduring single figure temperatures unheard of in the Caribbean.

New Trailer - The Legend of Tarzan

18 March 2016

We’ve been waiting for this one! The second trailer has just dropped for “The Legend of Tarzan,” starring Alexander Skarsgård.

Evolution of the Wiggles Big Red Car

11 March 2016

Toot, Toot, Chugga, Chugga Big Red Car! It's been around since the early 90's but did you know how much its changed?