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  1. While We're Young
  2. Orphan Black S3
  3. The Knick
  4. The Duff
  5. Jupiter Ascending
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Get Your Skates On

27 August 2015

Movies about ice skating may sound like a shallow, frozen, pool but for movie lovers not yet ready to leave the winter behind, there’s a staggering amount of range and quality in the genre. Here’s just a three of our favorites.

A slice of Sam Worthington

26 August 2015

Brooding, wounded, vulnerable yet open to all life’s experiences, Sam Worthington’s ‘visceral qualities’ emanate in these 3 darkly beautiful roles.

Naomi Watts Interview - While We're Young

19 August 2015

Currently rating 83% on Rotten Tomatoes While We're Young is "Poignant and piercingly honest". Here's what Naomi had to say about being 'middle-aged' and her freaky dancing skills.